Squoodge Collectors Club

YEAR: 2012-2013 CLIENT: Squoodge Records

The Squoodge Records Collectors Club is an ongoing series with limited edition split-EP's. Each EP is limited to at most 100 pieces and is available in two different colour ways. I did the art direction/artwork on the whole series.
Each color of the cover resembles the color of the vinyl.


0_1-Left 0_1-Right 1_1-Left 1_1-Right 1_2-Left 1_2-Right 2_1-Left 2_1-Right 2_2-Left 2_2-Right 3_1-Left 3_1-Right 3_2-Left 3_2-Right 4_1-Left 4_1-Right4_2-Left4_2-RightAll_OeColourFoto_Squoodge1 Foto_Squoodge2


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