Haunt of Horrorflicks

YEAR: 2013 CLIENT: Personal

"The Haunt of Horrorflicks - a subjective map about the most important movies in the history of horror" is an informative chart about the darkest and yet one of the most creative film genre in the history of film.

It includes 50 movies from 1920 to 2012.
I arranged them from year of origin (bottom to top) and their budgets (left to right). The colour of the textboxes show their amount of succes in relation to their budget and the box office.

I wanted to create a kind of ironic look to it as even horrormovies often don't take themself to serious. So I went with a really childish/cute style. I also liked the idea that this poster could hang in waiting room at a pediatrician.
It was hard to chose 50 films out of this huge amount of amazing movies especially because I'm a huge trash-film-lover. But I've choosen movies that seems most relevant to the genre to me.











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