The dirty nails and frantic tales of Coffin Creek

YEAR: 2014 CLIENT: Personal

Coffin Creek is a self published 94-pages illustrated art book including 4 self written/ illustrated horror short stories and an inherent soundtrack pressed on the finest black vinyl. This book is my graduation project on the UDK Berlin. It's realized in cooperation with the berlin based record-label Squoodge Records. We tried to keep it DIY as much as we could! All song are performed by the Austrian band "Laser Mutants" and each songs is especially created for each story.

This is pretty much a non profit project but it was a long time dream to release a multimedia book like this.


The book is limited to 300 pieces each numbered and signed by me.

It was a bunchload of hard work to realize this book but now I'm really proud to share these 4 shocking tales with the outerworld and I hope you will have as much fun reading and looking at the stories as I had creating it! To promote the book I also shot a book trailer and printed a handpulled screenprint for the first 40 customers.

You can purchase the book right in my store!


A big thank you goes to Squoodge Records and the Laser Mutants for their support!

CoffinCreek__0019_Ebene 1CoffinCreek__0004_Ebene 16
CoffinCreek__0017_Ebene 3CoffinCreek__0016_Ebene 4CoffinCreek__0015_Ebene 5CoffinCreek__0014_Ebene 6CoffinCreek__0013_Ebene 7CoffinCreek__0012_Ebene 8CoffinCreek__0011_Ebene 9CoffinCreek__0010_Ebene 10CoffinCreek__0009_Ebene 11CoffinCreek__0008_Ebene 12CoffinCreek__0007_Ebene 13CoffinCreek__0006_Ebene 14CoffinCreek__0005_Ebene 15CoffinCreek__0002_Ebene 18
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