ABV – Simple-Söff

YEAR: 2014 CLIENT: Personal

My contribution to the "Artist Beer Vision"-Exhibition that took place at the 71a Gallery in London.
20 artists got invited to create a fictional beer label including the name, beer label, background story etc.
You can purchase my screenrpint via thirdrailpress.


Here’s the story of Simple-Söff:

Brewed through the tradition of their grandfathers Simple Söff first got introduced to the young middle-class in 2014. Although it exists since many generations of German coal miners.
The first documented self brewed recipe was coined by Klaus Simpel in 1779. As hard working men below the ground their weekly thursday-meetings brewing beer seemed like the only light they’ll see among the lung-slashing black dust.
It wasn’t the most delicious beer and their soot-stained faces mostly turned the bright yellow liquid into a dark brown mixture but it was a reward and it meant a timeout to them.
While the mines slowly closed in the 20th century the tradition seemed to sink into oblivion until a descendants Simpel’s rediscovered it in 2014.

The times might changed but the spirit’s still the same:
It’s not about the taste nor the smell. It is about having a good time with your friends after a hard day of work.
So let the beer monkey drive your mind and enjoy the easy things in life….

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