Today is a great day. I finally managed to finish all of my university work and held my pre-bachelor-presentation and this means nights with at least 5hours of sleep haha

Anyway I’m happy to post this animation short I was working on the last weeks.
The main-project of the illustration class consisted of many small short-term-projects this semester. As these projects were pretty much based on a theme I wanted to create something on my own too. So I decided to create an animation short besides all the short-term-projects in corresspondance with two other courses.
It was hard to complete it as I had to conecentrate myself on all the other work too but it was really cool to experiment with tools I haven’t used before. I also never really completed a narrative animation from start to end so that I forced myself to complete it this time.
Many thanks to the Archers for letting me use their song “Moon over Istanbul”. Check them and theirs surfin tunes right here:

The animation consists of a 2D part and a stereoscopic part so you better grab your cyan/red-3D-glasses because I heard that everything is cooler in 3D nowadays 😉

Here we go:

Fridge Fiction from DeeDee Kid on Vimeo.

I also created a fake-movie-poster for it:

Here are some stills:

Hope you enjoyed the little trip…