Tony „Tornado Trumpet“ and Timmy „Television Tush“ live Tonight!…

The Two guys Tony and Timmy are playing live Tonight in front of Their Toxic Tourbus between Torches, Triangles, a Telephone, a Trumpet, a Tambourine, a Tortured Turtle (because of Their Tight Tunes), Tea on a Tiger Table, a Torpedo, a Tie, Trousers, Tinted glasses, a striped T-Shirt, a Twittering Thrush and a bunch of TOUGHNESS! 😀

haha it‘s not the easiest way for a german guy like me to pick up so many T-words but I just wanted to create a „T“-scenario for the new Shirtfight contest.
You can vote for me hereeeeeeeeeeee.

btw. only Two colours 😀