So, finally my semester ends this week and I can bring all my university work to a close.
All in all it was fun but a got a bunchload of stuff to do the last days.

This is my contribution to a film-class (“Grundlagen Bewegtbild”) I took part this semester. The main theme was “windows” and each student had to do two short-films/animations. As the first video was done for an art-installation and included only some still-shots I’ll just show the second film of mine here.
We got totally free rain to do what we want on this one so I tried myself at some experimental-animation.
I build a little green-screen-set in my room and shot the stopmotion-elements on it. Afterwards I composed everything in After Effects.

I had pretty fun doing this little animation as I never tried my hands on these techniques and so I had to teach it all by myself.

The music was done by my friend Syno.