wanna see my crib?

What a week! I guess 2011 couldn’t start any better.

Last monday me and my roomate (bigadi) had MTV as visitors.
There is a german tv-show called “MTV Home”. It’s mostly like a late-night-show and every now and then they visit students household at night.
Our dear friends wrote them a mail in december and on last monday at 23.30pm our doorbell jinggled. We didn’t knew anything but that evening was really fun!

I took that chance to present my homepage and they really aired it! This was super awesome.
So thanks to my friends and to MTV 😉

Here’s the vid:
(but please keep in mind that we’re only live here since about 2-3 month haha)

and a little screenshot 😉

After this little adventure I also got featured on the mainpage at behance for my “personal illustrations 2010“-project!

… and some friends from Herne visited me here in Berlin for the weekend. Just as I said: A week couldn’t get any better!