DeeDeeKid 2.0

Yes, it’s finall here: goes the next round.

It was time to relaunch my site after more than two years of that lame old design, a updated gallery and some old facts about myself.
So with the help of VICEGOLD again we created a new fresh version of

A big thanks to VICEGOLD who did the whole web development. I guess it wasn’t always easy to visualize my ideas haha but you did a great job man!

I also produced some stickers and buttons and hopefully ther will be more stuff coming soon 🙂

And now some more exciting news for you!

I think everybody should celebrate relaunches and so do I. I want your opinions towards 2.0. But not for free, I’m gonna choose (via random choice) 6 people who gave some feedback and send out a “Stay Frantic” poster (Signes and numbered).
So just comment on this blogpost and shout out what you think about my new page 🙂
(The competition will end on Sunday 25.07.10 @ 24.00h)

“Stay Frantic”-poster: