Medusas Son Process

Hey Folks,
long time no see! I’m really sorry for the big lack of posts and I hope you all had a great start in 2013!
But there’s a reason why I haven’t postet anything the last time because I’ve done a lot of new stuff I couldn’t post yet nor had the free time to do anything on my own besides this new project:

Whiteape Games
Medusas Son

I had this idea of a iPhone minigame based on the whack-a-mole concept for several years/month but never the chance to develope it.
So I told it my friend Laurids (who’s also the coder behind my website) and we worked out my idea.
I thought it might be funny to have some kind of reason why you tap on the elements and to envolve the simple gameidea with some further extras.

So we started with the first sketches, flowcharts and wireframes:

I also did some first sketches/rough concepts about the look of the app:

But soon we realized that it is a lot of more work than we expected. We ain’t got the coder skills nor have we some musical abilities to do the soundFX or Soundtrack. As you can work out for yourself the coding is the biggest challenge. So we asked two programmer friends if they’d like to jump on our train and help to realize our idea. Happily they said yes and we could finally start to concentrate more on the project.

As the first rough sketches annoyed me pretty quick I wanted to try a different much more bold style which seamed much more appealing to me for an app.
Brighter colours, clean lines:

The art direction was no problem but the finetuning of the game was even worse.”How long should an eye pop up?”, “Will there be more than one bonus-eye at one time?”, “How long whill the paused mode stay still after you click ‘return to game’?” and so on….
It took actually a bunch of time to create a good game flow that you get challenged but don’t loose after 2seconds.
Furthermore we had to start our own game studio so that we can sell the game on iTunes and create websites for both an get an Apple DeveloperAccount and wait and wait and wait…

But after all it was really fun and also important to me to finish this little game.
This is actually the first thing I developed on ‘my own’ from the beginning to the end and I’m really happy with the result!

It was also a good start to get into the app-scene and we’re super motivated to work on some new more complex ones!

Big thank to Laurids, Ralph, Serhiy & Daniel!


Medusa’s Son on iTunes
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