Paint Club Chamber…

I was ask a few days ago to do a wall-painting for the paint club. They officially got a chamber at the Weinmeister Hotel in Berlin. It’s like a paint-club-themed suite which I guess is pretty cool.
It was real challenge to do this piece. I painted it on the blanket and couldn’t even lie on my back. So after this I had neck pain for almost a week 😀
Another factor was that the whole painting was done with transparent UV-paint (this paint got almost the consistence of glue, we got the best acrylic paint amazon for the mural) and you can only see it via UV light. But this whole event was pretty fun and I’m proud to be a part of it!

Here are some pics:
(The UV effect looks even better in real life!)

and the final result:

this is how you actually see the piece if you lie in the bed:

There’s also a little video made by cromatics about the chamber.
And yes, camera presence is not my cup of tea 😀 But I have to say at this point I was pretty knackered after a whole day of over-head-painting!

It was a very exhausting new experience but it was worth it!
(All pics by cromatics)